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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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free because in the last 200 years america has come a long ways from no plans no problem. three people will make this an even better world. that's our show, thanks for watching. hello cpac! you're going to hear from the next president of the united states right here from this stage during this cpac.2ñ >> the conservative movement must be a great agent of reform. we must offer a vision of change. >> is it >> is it the destiny of this country to stand as a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world. there comes important critical moments in our history where we have to stand up and say if we keep doing what we're doing now it doesn't matter anyway. >> we're going to make this
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country rich again. we can do it with smart leadership. >> >> it'sed to go to oppose bad things but we have to start being for things. >> and welcome to hannity from cpac. later we'll check in with marco rubio rubio. today i sat down to discuss issues with former governor jeb bush. >> you made a statement the other day you said i am my own man. >> if >> if i go beyond the consideration of running whicbka is the legal terminology that many people are using. if i get beyond that and run for president i have to show what's in my heart and that i care about people and their future. it can't be about the past and about my mom and dad and brother. i love i love them all.
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it has to be about the ideas i believe in to move our country forward so we can have sustained economic growth where more people can have a chance for success. more and more and more people don't think that systemusy)ñ works for them any more. we nee we need to give the conservatives hope that if we create the field of dreams that people can rise up again. >> the last time you were at cpac. you sa you said all too often we're -- i think you were talking about conservatives, we are labeled and associated with beingd anti-everything. manyp many people believe that republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science anti-gay and the list goes on. >> the conservatives in washington have been opposing the overreach and they have done a pretty good job. the president jammed down throat obamacare, the affordable care act and dodd-frank and the
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stimulus. he is now he is now using executive power to carry out his agenda. but over time we have to start being for things again. i think what we need to be for is a strong national defense where we are committed, each and every day to protect the homeland with these new a assymetric threats. and we need to stand for a strong national defense and the defense of the homeland and we need to give people a sense that if we start growing our economy again the middle would start having rising income again. and what you would do to do that is offer compelling alternatives to the failed tax policies, the failed regulation policies, a broken education system and making sure that people know we're on their side to rise up. it's good to oppose the bad
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things but we have to start being for things. and here's the deal. there are a lot of -- obviously there are a lot of committed conservatives in this room. that's why is it a spectacular gathering. there are a there are a lot of other conservatives that haven't been asked. if we share if we share our enthusiasm and love of our country and belief in our philosophy we will get latinos and young people and other people you need to win to get 50. >> governor. let me -- every art -- article i have read deals with you and conservative issues. >> i heard about it. >> it has to do with immigration and common core. let's directly deal with this. you said, yeah they broke the law. it's not it's not a felony. it's an act of love. you also said that you support a pathway to citizenship and i
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want -- and when you were governor two other things, when you were a governor you supported driver's license for imlegal immigrants and in-state tuition prices for those children of illegal immigrant that weren't citizens. hang on -- i want to give you an opportunity to address that. >> sure. so on immigration i wrote a book about. this instead of opining about what i believe you can get it on amazon. it's called "immigration wars" i talk about the need to enforce the borders. a great country needs to enforce borders for national security purposes, public health purposes and the rule of law. secondly we need a narrow family petitioning, spouse and minor children not this broad definition of spouse minor children and adult siblings and
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adult parties which crowds out the economic driven immigrants, those who want to come here to work and create opportunities for all of us. and that's what we need to get to. and so and so as a -- and the plan also includes a path to legal status. i have not seen anybody -- and i know there's disagreement here. some of these people are angry about this. and, look, i feel your pain. i was in miami this morning and it was 70 degrees. the simple fact is there is no plan to deport 11 million people. we should give them a path to legal status where they work and don't receive government benefits and they don't break the law where they learn english, and where they make a contribution to our society. that's what we need to be focused on. >> a lot of reaction. let me do a follow up. we had -- senator rubio a
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friend of yours from florida. i asked him the same question. we hear about spending cuts and tax increases. we always get the increase but not the spending cut. the congress has tried comprehensive immigration reform and it has failed. we now have a crisis with the department of homeland security. and my question is, why not secure the borders first. once it's verified secured -- >> let's do it. let's do it man. instead of having a political argument about this the president did use authority he doesn't have the courts are going to overrule that. let's control the border. there's nothing wrong with that. that's what a great nation has to do. there's nothing that holds back the republicans to put a plan in place to do that. but the simple fact is this nation needs to start growing at a far faster rate than we are today. we have to be young and dynamic
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and aspirational again for all the young people to get a job, a purpose and a meaning. we have to change to high sustained economic growth. >> i don't want to spend all the time on immigration. but i want to go through yes or no scenarios do. you agree with conservatives that say congress should not pass a homeland security funding bill to fund the president's illegal and unconstitutional amnesty. >> i think >> i think congress ought to pass a bill that should not allow him to use that authority. i don't know. i'm not an expert of the ways of washington. it makes it makes no sense to me that we're not funding control of our border which is the whole argument. i'm i'm missing something. i'm not an expert on that. the fimpl fact is that the president has gone beyond his constitutional power to do this and the congress has every right to reinstate their responsibility for what law is about. >> yes or >> yes or no, 100,000 people came from central america we
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watched last summer. should they be send home? >> i thought they should have been sent home at the border. the humanitarian thing would have been to consistently say from the beginning, don't risk your lives as young people. don't pay the gangsters in central america money from your family members in this country to come all the way across and just get into the country and be processed and now with our broken system it may take three or four years to process them. send a clear signal this was a dangerous and wrong thing to do and it would have stopped the flow. we we did that as it relates to in miami in florida. that was exactly what bush 41 did as it related to haitians and it stopped the flow of people. and people didn't and people didn't lose their lives trying to come to the country. >> i >> i mentioned this earlier when i had an opportunity to speak to the crowd. at this point in the country at
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this moment in history we have 50 million americans in poverty. nearly 50 million americans on food stamps the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s. i want you to connected to immigration. shouldn't americans have shouldn't americans have the opportunity for those opportunity for those jobs first? you say go to the back of the line. but if they go to the back of the line they get to stay here and compete for thejobs that are available. >> here's the deal. you either believe the pie is static. that's the left point of view. and therefore we are splitting up. someone's benefit is someone else's detriment. i believe we should grow the economic pie and grow it at a rate that looks more like the '80s in america. growing it closer to 4% not 2%. if we stay at this rate your argument is valid. but if we grow at 4% there's
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going to be opportunities for all. it's not a zero-sum game. it's not how republicans and conservatives think. we don't think it's all about the government divvying it up to get our crumbs. we should pursue our dreams as we see fit and the more that do it, the more economic growth will take place for all of us. >> as governor do you stand by the decision driver's licenses for -- >> it didn't happen. >> you tried. and the other decision about in-state tuition. >> i do. in fact that was the -- the in-state tuition was passed this year. >> all rig >> all right. >> by one of the most conservative state legislatures and a conservative governor signed into law this last year. >> let me ask you, the second biggest issue -- >> not by me. >> that always comes up the issue of common core. it was interesting. i didn't know until i was
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researching you were the first governor to institute vouchers in the country. it was overruled by the supreme court of florida. you were the first to allow a voucher system. i want you to address the common core issue. >> the high standards by themselves aren't meaningful. they're helpful and better than lower standards. but if there is no accountability or consequence between mediocrity and failure or excellence then the system won't move forward. we did have the state-wide voucher program and more school choice in florida public and private than any state in the country and the largest virtual school. we we have the largest corporate tax dollar deferred program. we have 30,000 students that if their child has a learning disability they can take the state and local dollars and send
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them to the school of their choice. we we eliminated social promotion in third grade. we did all this and raised standards. and our and our standards have to be high enough where a student going through our system is college or career ready. and that's not what's happening right now. >> is common core a federal takeover? >> no. and it shouldn't be. here's where i think conservatives and myself are deeply concerned with this president and this department of education. there's a there's a risk that they will intrude and they have as it concerns the race to the top. what we should say in the reauthorization of the case 12 law that may have been on the floor in the house of representatives to say is that the federal government has no role in creation of standards directly or indirectly. the federal government has no role in the creation of curriculum and content or have any access to student i.d. or
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information. the role of the the role of the federal government, if there is government, if there is any, is to provide incentives for more school choice. take the title i money and the i.d.e.a. money and if the states want to innovate give them the money to create their own programs. >> when we com >> when we come back we'll have more with jeb bush and check in with marco rubio, donald trump and rick perry as we come photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app, you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done and angie's list will find a top rated provider to do the job. the angie's list app is the simple, new way to get work done on your schedule. the app makes it easy, the power of angie's list makes it work. call, click or download the app for free today.
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welcome back to "hannity" as we continue tonight from cpac. this is more of my interview on the main stage with former governor jeb bush. >> i was mentioning candidates and some people booed when i mentioned your name. i want you to chance about your
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record directly -- >> first of all, for those of you who made a into sound, i know it is your second choice if i decide to go beyond them. and it's a record that may be hard for people to imagine it's a record of getting things done and taking conservative principles running on them and having the courage to say that i believe we needed to cut spending. we created a world-class business climate. 1.3 net new jobs were created in three years. more than any state than one, more than texas during those eight years. i left the state with a 3% unemployment rate. we need florida business friendly and they came and they created jobs. our economy grew by something like 3.9% when the rest of the country was growing at 2.6%.
8:18 pm
we have reformed our education system as i mentioned and florida, it wasn't just the fight that mattered we have led the country in rising student achievement. kids in poverty now kids in poverty now are the leaders in florida. they outperform all of their peers in most of the categories in other places. florida is a place where conservative principles have helped not just republicans but everybody. we we eliminated affirmative action. i know i know people talk about the courage, legitimately so of their efforts. i.e. i.e. -- i eliminated affirmative action. one more thing. i left the state. i left the state with $9.5 billion of reserve. no drunken sailors were around.
8:19 pm
we vetoed 2500 line items in the budget. we left my successor 9 plus billion dollars of skashcash for a rainy day. conservatives need to focus on not spending everything they have and cutting taxes to stimulate economic growth so more revenue is in people's pockets and the government gets their fair share as well. >> can you lower taxes with 18.1 trillion in debt and we have 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. >> you can >> you can lower taxes and generate more revenue for government than any of the most exotic tax plans than barack obama has. yes, i believe that. >> let me ask national security and national defense. your brother predicted in 2007 unfortunately with pinpoint accuracy what would happen if we left iraq too early.
8:20 pm
we didn't keep intelligence on the ground. we have isis, people being beheaded and burned to death. my question is, what would you do if you were the commander-in-chief to defeat isis? >> by >> by the way, mitt romney was right about putin. and mitt romney was right about a lot of things that the president sloughed off. our position has to be reengage with a strong military and strong presence. we can't disengage in the world and expect a good result. where to from here? we need to reestablish relationships with countries that we have managed to mess up. we managed to mess up almost every relationship in the world including canada which is hard to do but we've done it. egypt we got it wrong three times in a row. jordan, the king comes asking for support. i have yet to see it. i haven't heard anything.
8:21 pm
israel for sure. turkey, all of these countries have doubts about america. we need to be engaged in the world, build a coalition to isolate and put isis in a noose and take them out. that has to be done with american leadership. >> how would you do it? specifically. what would you be what would you be a first step? >> i like the idea of pushing, creating a safe zone for the creation of a free syrian army. begin that process. i like the idea of not putting conditions of boots on the ground so we could have the intelligence capabilities and special forces capabilities to make a difference but it's they require reengaging with the neighborhood so they consider it a high priority for their interest. the idea we the idea we will be tripping over finding a deal negotiating downward creating an unsafe
8:22 pm
world and legitimizing the ayatollah. >> all >> all reports are that this deal that negotiations are going on now, the mullahs of iran will in fact be allowed to enrich uranium. they have they have the delivery system. as president what would you say to any deal that was struck before you took office as it relates to a -- >> i hope that congress acts on this and requires that this deal go back for approval in the united states congress. i think that is the first step because it will be done by executive order the next president is forced to undo back by executive order as well. that would be the best thing to do. there should be no light between us and israel and we need to be clear that other discussions as it relates to iran needs to
8:23 pm
include their strategy of using surrogates to destabilize the region. focusing on whether iran has a weapon and now we're going to regulate it is bad policy. >> what is your response to a president who cannot -- >> this is all about economic uncertainty if they could just get job. >> a jobs program for jihadis. >> the jihadi from london was wealthy. this misunderstanding is very dangerous because it doesn't allow you to have the right strategy to deal with this. we have to heighten awareness of what this threat means and be honest about it which is why prime minister netanyahu's visit is going to be very important. and the american people i believe, are going to reject what president obama is trying to do in iran. >> i am running out of time. i have asked every other
8:24 pm
candidate i have interviewed -- >> boxers. >> real quickly -- that was not the question. >> just checking. thank god it wasn't. >> i'll leave that for nbc news. the top five agendas, if you become president what are your top five priorities in the first 100 days. >> undoing the -- by executive order, undoing what the president has done using authority he doesn't have. creating a regulatory reform agenda that allows for investment to take place in our country. presenting to congress a plan to reform our tax code so that we can see inversions happen the other way. where countries invest in our country. we need to get high sustained economic growth and send a signal to the rest of the world that we're going to be their partner for peace and security. >> a lot has been written about
8:25 pm
terry schiavo. you had a license plate that said choose life. any regrets? >> we were the first that had a license plate that said choose life that helped with crisis centers around the state. i'm pro life. in this case, here was a woman who was vulnerable. and the court, because of our laws, didn't allow her -- they were going to allow her to be starved to death. we passed terry's law. i acted on my believe that the most vulnerable in the society should be at the front of the line and receive our love and protection. >> where you s >> where you stand today. okay. there was an indication in an article today. gay marriage are you changing your position? >> i believe in traditional marriage. >> there are numerous reports that you're telling people
8:26 pm
privately that you are a moderate but then public -- >> no. >> i describe myself as a reagan constitutional conservative. >> i would describe myself as a practicing reform-minded conservative. that i have actually that i have actually done it. >> marijuana in colorado. legalization good or bad idea? >> it's a bad idea but the states should have a right to do it. >> i'm >> i'm going to mention a few things. we have interesting answers on this question. hillary clinton? >> foreign fundraising. we're supposed to do a word association? >> you >> you did good. >> how did that work? >> bill clinton? >> bubba. >> that's pretty funny. i do an impression. how you doing. i want to say hi to the cute chick in the back there. stay away from these radio and
8:27 pm
tv talk hosts. barack obama? >> failed president. failed president. >> you know, there's been such a big debate about the issue of american exceptionalism. in your view do you believe america is exceptional and why do you love this country enough that you are going through the difficulties of running for office. >> i >> i believe in american exceptionalism. i was i was the chairman of the constitutional center. it's a museum in philadelphia. i urge everybody to go. and i fell in love with the constitution, again being there in its presence. and this president has trampled over the constitution and put aside whether you like his beliefs or not, the fact that he is disrespecting our history and the extraordinary nature of our country by doing what he's done is deeply disturbing to me. and so i think restoring a love
8:28 pm
of our country and its heritage and its tradition and expanding that love that they can rise up and live the american dream has to be one of the prime responsibilities of the next president of the united states. >> when we come back we'll check in with marco rubio, rick perryryryryryry [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business to
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in new york state, we're reinventing how we do business so businesses can reinvent the world. from pharmaceuticals to 3d prototyping,
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biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving, expanding or just getting started... only new york offers you zero taxes for 10 years with startup ny business incubators that partner companies with universities, and venture capital funding for high growth industries. see how new york can grow your business and create jobs. visit >> israeli prime minister benjamin net yaw how in urination's capital tonight. on the he will it was house speaker john bay more another who -- john boehner who invited netanyahu without telling the president first. he will skip the speech in order to avoid he's int nearing with
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an up coming israeli election. >> the launch of space falcon rocket. it is carrying two commercial satellites that would distribute television programming internet and mobile phone connectivity across the world. it is the company's first dual launch which reduces costs. i am kelly wright now back to "hannity." for all of the headlines go to ludicrous. now back to now back to "hannity." >> welcome back to "hannity" from cpac. earlier i had an opportunity to sit down and discuss issues with marco rubio. >> i love your family's story. >> thank you. >> that is the american story. here where we are now. this breaks my heart and breaks the heart of everybody in this room. nearly 50 million americans in poverty and on food stamps.
8:32 pm
92 million americans not work out of the labor force but the government tells us the unemployment level's great. we have 18.1 trillion in debt. 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. how do we dig ourselves out of that hole? >> first we have to understand that the world is rapidly changing. we are having the industrial revolution every five years. and our leaders are stuck in yesterday. they think if we pour more money, more of your money into the same programs that didn't work that well in the past are going to get us out of this. globalization is real. we are in competition with dozens of other countries and unless we get rid of regulations and use our energy portfolio we can't compete. if we do those things we can compete with anyone in the world. we have we have to help our people be stronger than ever by allowing
8:33 pm
parents to choose the school their kids go to. not have the government tell them. that means not having a national school board that imposes a curriculum on the country. >> i put you down as yes for common core. >> beyond that we need to understand in the 21st century some of the best jobs require more than high school but less than four years of college. we shouldn't be stigmatizing those vocational careers. we should employee more plumbers technicians and the four-year degree is still important. i went to i went to four-year degree and owed over $100,000 in student loans. but we have too many people graduating with a four-year degree that doesn't lead to
8:34 pm
jobs. if you graduate with a major in greek philosophy you will struggle to find a job. >> let me ask you about immigration. you went you went forward with your immigration proposal and at the end of the day you said it didn't work, i tried. it's not going to work and last time i interviewed you you said you regretted going forward and learned from the process. explain. >> i wasn't very >> i wasn't very popular. but here's the thing. it's a serious problem that has to be confronted. it does. we don't have -- we don't have the mechanisms in place to enforce some of our immigration laws. we don't track -- 40% of the immigrants come in legally and overstay their visas. there are three sectors of the borders that are insecure. it needs more fencing and patrols. that that stuff has to get done. we have a legal immigration system that is the most generous
8:35 pm
in the world. 1 million people a year come to this country. but it's all based on whether you have a family member here. it can't be based on family alone. it has to be based on merit and economic contribution. that has to be dealt with as well. and, yeah, you have 10 or 12 million people in this country who have not otherwise violated the laws other than the immigration laws, but you can't begin to have a -- what i learned is you can't have a conversation about that until people believe and -- not just believe but it's proven to them that future illegal immigration will be brought under control. that is the single biggest lesson. >> >> lightning round. abortion? >> i'm pro >> i'm pro life. it's as simple as that. >> gay marriage? >> marriage is between one man and one woman. >> colorado marijuana legalization?
8:36 pm
>> i'm against the legalization of marijuana. >> should every law-abiding american even in states with restrictive gun laws should they have the right to carry a weapon. >> the >> the only people who don't care about gun laws are criminals. >> i'm going to throw out a couple of names for you. hillary clinton. >> yesterday. >> bill clinton. >> what's the next one? really yesterday. >> barack obama? >> failed. >> last question. you talked about your love for america and how we all really -- we receive so much more than we could ever pay back. explain if you believe in american exceptionalism and why. >> every other society in human history your future is decided
8:37 pm
by what your parents did before you. if they were rich and famous and could find you a job you were set. if the if they couldn't you were stuck. no matter how hard you worked. the fact a son of a bartender and a maid is sitting here today, that's why america is special. >> when we come >> when we come back we'll talk to the one and only donald trump. i was o i was on the main stage with him earlier today. and then we'll check in ♪ it was the best day ♪ -[ laughing ] -yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day ♪ yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ 'cause of you ♪ we make a great pair. -[echoing] great pair. -huh? progressive and the great outdoors! we make a great pair. right. totally. uh, that's what i was thinking. hmm. covering the things that make the outdoors great. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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you get instant credit alerts to keep you in sync. you can even lock and unlock your transunion credit report from your phone. and all that information feels pretty good. come to and get in the know. welcome back to "hannity" as we come to you from cpac. earlier i sat down with the one and only donald trump. is he running for president? you're known for being a businessman. 50 million 50 million americans in poverty close to it. 50 million americans on food stamps. 92 million americans not work. we don't count them but they're not work. >> we don't count them.
8:43 pm
they say 5.3 and 5.6%. i think it's over 20% during the speech i said -- >> how would we get them -- how would donald trump as president get these people back to work? >> you have to take the jobs back from china. you have to take the jobs back from mexico. in iowa companies are leaving for mexico. they are given incentives to leave our country and go to places like mexico. mexico is the next china. mexico is not our friend. and i'm not just talking about the border. mexico is ripping off the united states big big league. but jobs going to china mexico brazil. they are they are going everywhere but here. and we lost our manufacturing and base. >> what would specifically you do to, a, stop iran's nuclear program and, be defeat isis. i don't hear you say degrade. >> with isis i would just hit
8:44 pm
them really hard. and a year ago you wouldn't have said it. you may have to have boots on the ground for a period of time. that's number one. you may have to have them. look they're cutting off -- they're cutting off the heads of people. they're burning they're burning people at the stake. it's lik it's like we're living in medieval times. with iran sanctions all over the place. believe me you can make the right deal if you have the right negotiator. part of the problem we part of the problem we have, we have people who are diplomats doing negotiating. all they know how to do is keep their job. they know nothing about negotiating. if we if we had the right people we could solve the isis problem and the iran problem and more quickly than you think. >> there are so many young people in this room. obama has -- well, by the time he leaves office will acome
8:45 pm
accumulated more debt than any president combined. how could president trump balance the budget? >> i understand business better than anyone who has ever ran for office. i know i know how to get rid of debt. i would get rid of the debt and do it quickly. it is sitting out there and is it a time bomb for this country. >> specifically -- this is important. i like i like the penny plan. cut a penny out of every dollar. >> i like making the country rich again taking in tremendous amounts of money, stopping china from ripping us and cutting costs but not when it comes to the military and not when it comes to social security either. >> you obviously, the american dream has worked in your life and your family's life. i know a lot about your background. we're now we're now talking a lot about american exceptionalism. in donald trump's mind what makes america exceptional and
8:46 pm
why do you so love this country you want to be the commander-in-chief? >> they've got a >> they've got a great fabric and phenomenal people. we need the incentives. we can't take away the incentives. but we have a but we have a country that can be so great again. we have a country that will be absolutelied a mierd by everybody. right now right now it's not admired by other countries. and ideal with these countries and they talk to me the chinese their friends of mine. they say i can't believe we're getting away with this. in saudi arabia they say i can't believe we get away with this. i know these people. i have nothing against china. their leaders are just much smarter than ours. if we bring our country back to the grass roots and keep the incentives going, the potential of the incredible if we do it properly and if we have really smart leadership. >> when we come back tonight on "hannity" from cpac we'll check
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>> welcome welcome back. earlier today i got to sit down and talk issues with form he texas governor rick perry. >> what are your top five
8:52 pm
priority items. you've become president. these are the top five things you want to accomplish right out of the box. >> obviously the economic side of this is where you have to go first. you got the economics headed in the right direction. you 34 tax rate. that does multiple things. not only does it give a clear message and incentive for peel to invest in the united states, to bring back that manufacturing that has moved offshore. it raises the wages for the workers. that's a that's a powerful message. it is not just about the ceo. it is about that blue collar worker out there that sees their jobs and the wages going up. >> how do you balance the budget? obama is basically accumulated as much as every other before him. >> i think it is time to say we'll cut the spending and do it. we we did that in my home state. we had two major downturns. 2003, $10 billion shortfall. a $12 billion shortfall in 2011
8:53 pm
and we did it without raising taxes. and americans want to and americans want to see that kind of back bone, that kind of leadership to walk in and say we'll cut the spending and then do it. >> the rapid fire questions. okay? quic quick answers. abortion. >> i'm >> i'm pro-life and proud of it. we put the policies into place in the state of texas to playing at this time most pro-life state in the country. >> gay marriage. >> traditional marriage. i believe in it. i think these are a couple of good examples of why the states need on decide these. i think absolutely the states need to decide these issues. the idea that we're a one size fits all, whether health care curriculum for our schools. you name it. it needs to be decided by the states. the fede the federal government needs to secure the border, stand a good military, do the things enumerated in the constitution. everything else the states address. >> so colorado pot? >> it's a bad idea but it is their call. can the old liberal supreme
8:54 pm
court justice said the states are the laboratories of democracy. he said they need to experiment. he said from time to time they'll make a bad decision. >> should every law-abiding american should they have a right to carry a gun? >> it is the second amendment. if a state wants to have the conversation about where you carry them and where you carry, they should have the right in general. in principle. the second amendment is pretty clear. >> what makes america exceptional in your mind? >> america is unique. we are a country of volunteers. we give back. and i don't see that in any of these a countries i've had the great privilege to live in. the volunteerism and the giving back, most people understand where they found themselves in life was because somebody came before and sacrificed for them. >> when we come back we'll have
8:55 pm
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>> that is all the time we have from this with us. have a great weekend. we will see you here on monday. >> every town has its secrets. >> big room. >> social life was very complicated. >> she competed? in 19 pageants. >> she was maggetteic. >> she was supposed to come to her mothers. >> she said tara was missing. >> her mother started getting panicked. >> swamps and ponds and abandoned whales. >> found a glove that seemed out of place. >> we had identifiable prints and